General benefits of Jikiden Reiki

The benefits of learning Jikiden Reiki are many and cover body, mind and spirit.  It can have a significant effect on your overall health, your ability to cope with stress, your sleep patterns and your general feeling and attitude to life, all of which help you to bring more of what you want into your life. If you currently have a health concern, injury or more serious condition then being able to self-treat is a wonderful advantage as you can help yourself, every day for however long a time you are willing to devote to your body. 

What is the key? 

The key is that you are responsible for yourself and your own health and wellness. If you decide to learn, having the energy of Jikiden Reiki running through you will help you enormously, especially when you are making conscious efforts to change your lifestyle in a way that feels healthy to you. If you can get into the habit of giving yourself Reiki at every opportunity (it is easy to put your hands on yourself when you are watching TV, reading, sitting on the train or going to sleep for example) then you will notice a far bigger difference than if you come to the course, leave, and forget to ever use it again. 


Reiki is for life – not just a 3 day course
Remember Reiki is not a miracle treatment. It will not suddenly renew your body and make you immune from all future problems. Amazing things do happen – and I have seen them - yet it is each person’s responsibility to care for their own body in the best way they can. Receiving or giving yourself Reiki treatments will make you better, it will cause the toxins at the heart of your illness to be eliminated from your body. However, if you continually eat unhealthy food, live an unhealthy, stressful lifestyle or go about your life from a negative perspective, the chances are there that you will encounter the same or another similar illness in the future. The Gokai or Reiki principles were designed to help people look at life from a healthy perspective.


My belief is that Reiki provides me with the perfect opportunity to heal in a way that is in harmony with nature and my body. It leaves me in safe hands I know I can trust, while I take the opportunity to look at my lifestyle, my way of thinking and stress from any past events that may have contributed to my current condition. I can then decide how I want to move forward in a way that feels more healthy and nurturing to me.

The purpose of Reiki 

The purpose of Reiki is to allow us to peel back the layers of ‘stuff’ we have acquired, one by one - whether those layers be physical or psychological - to unearth our true selves. Whilst we are ‘perfect’ as we are, our true selves reveal us as we are in our original state of perfection.