Physical Treatments

Jikiden Reiki physical treatments usually take place with the client lying on a bed or treatment table. There are no specific hand positions. What happens in a treatment – where a practitioner places their hands and for how long – is determined by feeling for byosen. Byosen is the accumulation of toxins that can occur anywhere in the body and are the source of illness and disease. Jikiden Reiki practitioners feel where the byosen is and whether it is a large or small amount of toxins. This means they are able to stay in the areas that need the most treatment until the toxin level has significantly reduced.

When minor sicknesses, such as coughs and colds are being treated, they will move through the body much faster than usual. Injuries will heal faster and with fewer complications, post operative recovery will be greatly enhanced. Treatment of more serious or long term conditions is entirely possible, and the number and frequency of treatments should be discussed with the practitioner.

What to expect during and after treatment
Everything and nothing! Each person reacts differently to a Reiki treatment so there is no way I can say specifically. During a treatment, some people feel twitchy or move slightly, some feel wonderful waves of energy, some feel nothing at all or just notice they are relaxed and others snore happily throughout. Rest assured it is doing its job, whatever you feel.

Because we are working with eliminating toxins from the body, people who receive treatments can sometimes feel a little worse for a short while after a treatment. The reason is simple and Hayashi sensei explained it using the analogy of a muddy stream:

Imagine a stream - when you look at the surface, the water looks clear, yet when you stir the water, mud from the bottom rises to the surface. When you remove the surface mud, the stream becomes clear again, yet some mud will have sunk back down to the bottom. When you stir up the water again, more mud rises to the surface. If you repeat this process many times, eventually, you will have a completely clear stream.

Giving Reiki is like stirring up someone’s water – the toxins rise to the surface and many are cleared, yet some will settle again or were embedded more deeply in the body and have not yet surfaced. Each treatment a person receives brings more toxins to the surface to be cleared – until there are no toxins left. So feeling tired or 'off' after a treatment is nothing to worry about, it is simply that the core of the sickness, pain or issue is being brought to the surface so that it can be dealt with effectively by the body’s natural cleansing system.

However, many people feel better immediately. If you have a treatment and feel great afterwards – it doesn’t mean you missed something! Reiki will work with your body in whichever way is most advantageous to you at the time. Trust that the intelligence of your incredible body and this incredible energy are working together for your greatest benefit.

Distant Jikiden Reiki treatments
Distant Jikiden Reiki treatments are also available and just as beneficial if you would like a treatment but are not able to get to a practitioner. It is also invaluable for those who practice Jikiden Reiki and have a sick friend or relative living far from them. I often use this on my friends and family when I am travelling and it feels really good that despite being so far away, I am still able to do something that I know is helping them.
If you would like to book in for a distant Jikiden Reiki Treatment with me, please mail me to arrange a time.