Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki? 

Put simply, Reiki is the use of the Universal life energy that is all around us and part of us. Practitioners allow this energy to flow through their body and out of their hands into themselves or others. This awakens the natural healing ability we all possess and it often produces extraordinary results. Anyone can do this as we already have the ability inside us. Using Reiki allows us to be aware of and to focus the energy.

Why do I have to take a course to do Reiki?
To strongly reconnect with your natural ability to heal yourself and others and to learn the techniques and information that enable you to use it in an effective way.   We have long forgotten how to use the healing gifts we were born with and so they have become inactive within us.  In the 1920s, Japanese founder, Usui sensei devised a simple way to clear the connection to this ability within us, and his method has been passed down through courses or seminars for more than 80 years. During the course, you will learn many important techniques and skills that you can use once you reconnect with your inner healing power.  

When I give a treatment will I get tired?
No, provided you are sitting or standing in a comfortable position so that you don’t strain yourself. When you give Reiki you are not using your own energy, it is coming from the Universal energy all around us. This means that you most often feel energized yourself after giving a treatment.

What happens during a treatment?
The client usually lies down on a bed or treatment table and the practitioner lays his or her hands gently on the client. The practitioner will be able ascertain which parts of the body are holding more toxins and therefore need more Reiki and will hold their hands over those areas.

Are there any contra-indications?
No, Reiki is a loving energy, completely safe to be used in all situations. It is great for children and babies too. You can never give or receive too much Reiki.

What does “Jikiden” mean? 

It means “directly passed down or taught”. Mr Tadao Yamaguchi and his mother, Chiyoko, began the Jikiden Reiki Seminars because they wanted to show people the Reiki that she learned directly from Hayashi sensei in the 1930s. Hayashi sensei was one of only 20 teachers created by Usui sensei and because he was a medical doctor, was able to experience treating people in his own small Reiki centre in Tokyo.

I have seen many styles of Reiki, what does Jikiden Reiki teach?
The courses replicate those given by Hayashi sensei in the 1930s, who faithfully continued Usui, his teacher's Reiki. The techniques are very simple and very powerful. Nothing has been added apart from the wealth of experience that the Yamaguchis have from treating people using Reiki for so many years.
Please contact me to find out more about this.

Are there symbols or mantras in Jikiden Reiki? 
Yes there are although the ways of using them and thinking about them are quite different from Western style Reiki. In Jikiden Reiki there are called Shirushi and Jumon. The original concepts behind the symbols and mantras in Reiki were very clear and awareness of their meaning is important. I will talk about this more in the courses.

Who should learn Jikiden Reiki? 

Anyone who feels drawn to it. Jikiden Reiki is something that becomes part of your life rather than something you do.  I think about my body and my health in an entirely new way since learning and my fears of sickness have faded away. 

Those who attend Jikiden Reiki seminars are both beginners and Reiki teachers who are interested in learning about the roots of Reiki healing and what Chiyoko Yamaguchi learned all those years ago.