Shoden courses - level 1

The first level in Jikiden Reiki is called Shoden. There are 3 sections in the Shoden level and students receive one Reiju (attunement) in each section.
This course has a mixture of theoretical and practical elements and whilst there is a great deal to take in, it is taught in a way that is simple and easy-to-understand.


Shoden is taken as a 2 day course. However, most students prefer to take both Shoden and Okuden at the same time as a 3 day course.


"I approached the course with excitement....I was not disappointed and was astonished and amazed at the simplicity and gentleness of the energy, and the overpowering sincerity, enthusiasm, knowledge and absolute love that Amanda exuded on a subject that she knew so well and was so inspired by.

Having only done 1 seminar I am very much a beginner but there is a change in my outlook and general wellbeing. I have the wonderful feeling of being in control and the privilege of being able to help family and friends is overwhelming. I am so delighted to have had Amanda as such an inspiring teacher."  

Pat Olivey, England