Tadao Yamaguchi and Jikiden Reiki

Chiyoko Yamaguchi’s youngest son, Tadao was brought up thinking everyone used Reiki. He learned at a young age and enjoyed the benefits of receiving Reiki from his mother every day.

Tadao Yamaguchi started teaching Jikiden Reiki with his mother in 1999. He teaches with a wonderful mixture of wisdom, humility and complete trust in Reiki. Remaining faithful to his mothers teachings, he travels around Japan and the rest of the world teaching seminars knowing that many others can change their lives by using Jikiden Reiki too. He has a large collection of fascinating memorabilia passed on to him by his family, who learned Reiki in the 1930s.  His personal intention is to emulate the attitude of the founder, Mikao Usui and his student Chujiro Hayashi, and to live in what he calls the ‘great spirit of Reiki’.


I feel that his gentleness and the love with which he teaches are huge assets to Jikiden Reiki and feel honoured to have been able to learn from his experience of Reiki and his personal attitude towards others. 


Tadao Yamaguchi travels to England, Europe and North America once a year. Check the news page for more information on this.