Autism & Learning Differences

He had big breakthroughs and the aggression disappeared. I would highly recommend Reiki for children with autism to help them regulate moods. CT


Connie Lambrecht, a Jikiden Reiki Shihankaku from Nelson BC, Canada treated an autistic boy who was suffering from violent outbursts. 

Listen to a testimonial from the mother of the boy Connie Lambrecht treated.

Reiki Testimonial - Candice F Taperek

Reiki used for people with Autism and Learning Differences

People living with Autism and Learning Differences usually feedback that they have a 'good day' after receiving Reiki. It helps bring calm, a greater sense of peace and over time, can improve focus and anxiety levels. 

Once again, while it is wonderful to have treatments from a practitioner, in most cases, it's preferable that a family member or carer give more regular treatments.

Autism and sleep problems

I once gave Reiki to a 12 year old boy with Autism who was having severe sleep problems and suffering from nightmares. I treated him, with his and his mother's permission, at night as he was going to sleep. I stayed a couple of hours each time. Gradually over a few weeks of regular treatment, his sleep improved, he started to feel safer and his school remarked on his improved concentration levels. 

After that, I taught his mother so she could continue to give him Reiki treatments regularly.