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The benefits of Jikiden Reiki on Mind/Body/Spirit

"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically;
if we are willing to listen to them."

Shakti Gawain


Reiki helps all aspects of life

The benefits of learning Jikiden Reiki cover mind, body and spirit.  It can have a significantly positive effect on your overall health, your ability to cope with stress, your sleep patterns and your general feeling and attitude to life -  all of which help you to bring more of what you want into your life. 


If you currently have a health concern, injury or more serious condition then being able to self-treat is a wonderful advantage as you can help yourself, every day for however long a time you are willing to devote to you.

Who is responsible for your health?

Ultimately you are responsible for yourself and your own health and wellness. If you decide to learn Jikiden Reiki, having the increased energy running through you will help you enormously. The more you give Reiki, both to yourself and other people, the better it will be. The more smoothly and easily the energy will flow and the better you will feel. 

However, if you take the Reiki training hoping just the two or three days focus on your health is enough, and on leaving the course you never bother to use it again, it will not help you very much.

The best thing you can do is get into the habit of giving yourself Reiki at every opportunity. It is easy to rest your hands on yourself while you are reading, sitting on public transport, watching a movie or going to sleep for example. The idea is that you begin to make Reiki a part of your life rather than something extra that you don't have time for. Then, if you or someone close has a health problem, you can spend more time and do more formal treatments. 

Amanda Jayne and Emily Macinnes at the World Jikiden Reiki Congress

Me with Emily Macinnes, who made the Jikiden Reiki
Documentary, at the first Jikiden Reiki World Congress

Jizo at the roadside, Shikoku, Japan
Tree roots on Mt Kurama, Japan
The Big Buddha, Kamakura, Japan
Japanese sunset

Benefits of Jikiden Reiki for Body

I ignored my body for the first 30 years of my life. It was there, but only as something I put clothes on in the morning. Even when doing exercise I still didn’t really pay it much attention. 


When I was sick, I became frustrated or angry with it. It was only after learning Jikiden Reiki that I came to consciously think about my body, about how incredible it really is. It's because of my body that I am able to experience anything in life! Yet I hadn’t always treated it very well - I drank too much, ate junk food, popped pills like nobody’s business, rarely exercised and never felt any gratitude towards it. 

Changes as a result of learning Jikiden Reiki

For me, one of the most wonderful benefits of learning Jikiden Reiki has been the opportunity it has given me to really start appreciating my body and all that it does. 


Now, when I injure or cut myself, I give the first aid Reiki method and watch it begin to heal, sometimes it starts to close up before my eyes. I am filled with awe at how my body works and how hard it works to help me live and experience things in whatever way I want to. 


When I have a cold or minor sickness, I am filled with gratitude as I remember how hard it is working to eliminate the toxins for me, which I have found contributes enormously to me feeling better. I no longer take medication for minor illnesses; I have stopped drinking excessively and changed my diet – not because I thought I ought to (I don’t believe this works well), but because I really wanted to now that I could feel the food that felt good to my body.

Having Reiki energy running through me and giving myself treatments every day has helped me to move from being in a place where I was constantly sick with something, frequently at the doctors and had post-typhoid stomach problems to my present situation of health and wellness.

Benefits of Jikiden Reiki for Mind

The mind is inextricably linked to the body. 


Most people have experienced that when they are stressed or anxious, they tend to get sick more easily. Experience has shown me that the way I choose to think and the way I perceive the world around me - people, situations, nature, even objects - has an effect on my body and my health. Our bodies have physical reactions to our thoughts and thoughts often create feelings.  

If we worry or are often angry, of course it doesn't feel good. If it happens consistently, it begins to have a physical effect on the body, toxins build and physiological changes occur that are not optimal for health. Over a period of time, if nothing changes and I continue with high levels of worry and unresolved anger, it can cause serious health problems.


At times like this, giving yourself physical Reiki (or getting treatment) is certainly a tremendous help, it helps to clear the toxins building up as a result of the stress. If the Reiki is given regularly, it can begin to help your mind to calm. There is also a psychological treatment called Sei Heki that can help with negative thought patterns, worry and other mind-related stresses. I find it very helpful.

The Gokai (Reiki principles) were designed by Usui sensei to help people begin to transform the way they think and, as a result, become more healthy.  

Other things that are vital to our mental health are walking in nature, exercise, meditation, eating well and community.

Eikando gardens, Japan
Temple on Mt Kurama, Japan
Zen garden, Kodaiji, Kyoto, Japan

Benefits of Jikiden Reiki for Spirit

When Usui created his method of using Reiki, he was aware that the energy helps the 'tamashi' or spirit to begin to wake up. 

All of life is spiritual and we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As such, Reiki helps remind us there is more to life than the physical reality we can see around us. It helps us to find and feel the connections we have with all of life. 

This brings us back to the idea of ancient Shinto where it was understood that we are all branched from the same source energy, the big 'tamashi' or spirit. This means, humans, animals and the natural world around us. We are connected at our essence with everything and learning Reiki has helped me to understand and experience that more.

In current times, it is more important than ever that we not only understand and acknowledge our connection with nature and other people, but that we feel it. Once we feel our connection with something, it becomes impossible to consciously hurt or destroy it. What we don't seem to understand yet, is that the same power that runs through the ancient trees that we destroy runs through us. Trying to manipulate, control or destroy nature only weakens us too. The greatest power comes from living in respect and harmony with nature. That allows us to truly connect to the incredible source of energy that runs through everything.

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