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Jikiden Reiki Teacher Training

I had the good fortune to study with Amanda Jayne for my Shihankaku course. She is a brilliant teacher, well organized, empathic, and extremely experienced. 

We covered a lot of ground and had fun too!

I left confident and ready to teach Shoden. 

My first class went smoothly as Amanda had left me with a good grasp of the material, and let me know she was available if any questions arose. UD


Teacher Training FAQs

What is Shinpiden?

Shinpiden is the name for the group of teacher levels in Reiki. 

In Usui and Hayashi's day, much of Shinpiden was permission based and certain requirements had to be seen to be fulfilled to move onto the next level. There are also requirements in Jikiden Reiki that must be fulfilled before you can start to teach.


Use of the word 'levels' can be misleading in the West as it can give the impression that moving up the levels makes you more powerful or superior in some way. However, it's simply a method to ensure that teachers are experienced and that they can give the best quality of teaching.

The levels are:

  • Shihankaku - assistant teacher (can teach Shoden level only)

  • Shihan - teacher (can teach Shoden and Okuden)

  • Dai-Shihan - senior teacher (can teach Shoden, Okuden and Shihankaku)

After that, there are only those who are guiding the institute. These are:

  • Vice Representative of Jikiden Reiki - Frank Arjava Petter (can teacher Shihankaku and Shihan)

  • Representative of Jikiden ReikiTadao Yamaguchi (can teach all)

Is there a master level in Jikiden Reiki?

Jikiden Reiki sticks to the way Usui and Hayashi referred to Shinpiden. They used the word 'teacher' not 'master'. Japanese would not refer to themselves as master. 

Can I take the teacher levels in Jikiden Reiki if I took the first levels with another school?

No. There is a practical reason for this. In Jikiden Reiki there is a specific curriculum you have to teach. If you haven't learned Shoden and Okuden in Jikiden Reiki, you will not know what some of the things you have to teach are. The idea is that you are as experienced as you can be and feel confident in what you are teaching when you become Shihankaku. 

Why do I have to repeat Shoden and Okuden before becoming Shihankaku?

When Usui sensei and Hayashi sensei were teaching, students were encouraged to repeat as often as possible. In this way they not only received more Reiju but they came to have a thorough grasp of what Reiki is and how it can best help people. 

In Jikiden Reiki, practitioners are also encouraged to repeat for the same reason. Students often find that after the course, when they go away and practice, more questions come up for them that only come from experience. The feedback I get is that is it highly useful to repeat and as there is a great deal covered in the training, students 'hear' extra things when repeating and often get things on a different level.

Those who want to teach Jikiden Reiki, must repeat at least once. However, I strongly recommend repeating several times at least. You can repeat with any Jikiden teacher, but must repeat once with a Dai-shihan or one of the Representatives of Jikiden Reiki. You are going to have to teach the material and must therefore have a comprehensive understanding of it. I repeated countless times in Japan, and yet still learned something new each time or 'caught' something I hadn't before.

When are the Shihankaku Training dates?

I set Shihankaku training dates according to need. If you are interested in taking the Shihankaku course with me, please contact me to discuss what is needed and we will set a date. 

My Daishihan Training at the centre in Kyoto
Amanda Jayne Daishihan Reiki Training
Shihankaku reiki training with Uma Devi 2016
Teaching Shihankaku 2016

Anyone wondering why we do repeats needs to see how much you think you learned the first time, compared to how much you realise passed you by when you do it again. It's well worth doing, and amazing to have reiju together.  My autocorrect wanted to call reiju, rejuvenate, and it is, kind of, how I felt after last weekend: rejuvenated 😊 KD

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