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Jikiden Reiki and Parents

“Since finishing the course I have not given my 20 month old twin daughters any medicine

which is a testament to how great Reiki is! - AH


Using Reiki as a parent

The ability to use Reiki to help your children and grandchildren is an incredible gift. Being able to help your child when they are sick, injured or in pain is empowering and comforting. Most parents find that their children, once they have had Reiki a few times, are very open to it and will come to get Reiki whenever they have hurt themselves. 

A great many parents, after learning Jikiden Reiki, talk about how good it feels to no longer feel helpless when their child is sick. Minor sicknesses pass through their body much faster. Cuts and scrapes heal very quickly and cleanly and they can grow up without their body having to cope with too many antibiotics or the side effects of taking medication. 

In addition, because Reiki involves gently laying your hands on your child, it helps with the bonding and trust between parent and child. 

Reasons to give your children Reiki

Just some of the reasons you can learn Reiki to help your children are:

  • To bring them up with minimal use of medicines

  • To have effective first aid whenever they injure themselves

  • To be able to help them get through coughs and colds more quickly and easily

  • To help them recover if they have a more serious condition (daily Reiki is recommended for this)

  • To help young babies immune and digestive system to develop strongly

  • To calm them and help them sleep

  • To help if your child has learning difficulties or Autism

Japanese memorial statue, Koya san, Japan
Monster feet. Child at play.
Mother and child playing

Liz, a grandmother from Kent, UK talks about treating her new grandchildren...

"My daughter recently had twins that weighed 5lbs and 4lbs. The littlest one needed to go into a warm cot and the paediatricians were concerned that her blood sugar level was low. Because of this they wanted to feed her formula milk through a tube - the best way to do it so my daughter could breast feed her as well. The day after she was born I had the opportunity to sit and hold her for two hours giving her Reiki. My hand covered all of her tiny body! At the next test her blood sugar had risen to a good level to the great astonishment of nursing staff. We were warned that it would not stay stable and was likely to dip again so she would be monitored.

I continued the Reiki on daily visits and the blood sugar level stayed completely steady. (More astonishment!) It's such a joy to give Reiki to tiny babies, they lap it up and they are absolutely thriving. Eight weeks old now and feeding and sleeping most contentedly. Having the Reiki to offer them has given me confidence that they'll be very relaxed and happy whenever I hold them." Liz 

Chiyoko Yamaguchi, Reiki and her children

In the 1930s when Chiyoko Yamaguchi learned Reiki, a large proportion of the students were mothers and midwives. It was well known just how valuable Reiki is for use in the home, and for pregnant mothers.

Midwives used it to help mothers before, during and after giving birth. 

Chiyoko Yamaguchi brought her children up using Reiki. She had no first aid kit in the house and her children didn't take medication for the usual ailments. If one of them was sick, she would take the time to be with them and give them Reiki, sometimes sleeping in their bed if they were very sick to give them Reiki all night. Often, she said, by morning they would be so much better when she did this. 

I have taught countless mothers and fathers to do Reiki and have had incredible feedback on how useful it is and how it has become a part of family household life. This is so beautiful to hear - it's the way Reiki was used in Japan all those years ago and is invaluable. 

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