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After a few sessions there was a striking amelioration in my symptoms and I felt generally rejuvenated. 

It was a very positive experience.


Jikiden Reiki Treatments

Physical Jikiden Reiki Treatments

Jikiden Reiki physical treatments usually take place with the receiver lying on a bed or treatment table, though you can treat someone sitting in a chair if this isn't possible. 

The practitioner knows where to place their hands and for how long because she or he is feeling for byosen. Byosen is the accumulation of toxins that can occur anywhere in the body and is the source of illness or disease. During the treatment a practitioner can tell not only where the most toxins are, but how quickly or slowly they are reducing during treatment. 

Minor sicknesses, such as coughs and colds tend to move through the body faster when treated with Reiki. Injuries heal faster with fewer complications and post-operative care is greatly enhanced. Help with more serious, long term conditions is also possible, though it will take many more treatments to see significant improvement and the number and frequency of sessions should be discussed with the practitioner. Often, in this situation, I prefer to teach the person or close members of their family how to do Reiki as then they can receive daily treatments with ease and at low cost.




Everyone reacts differently to Reiki treatment so there is no one way I can say exactly how it feels. During the session, most people feel a deep relaxation and sense of peace and they often sleep. Occasionally people also feel twitches in their body, or a slight discomfort but it usually passes quickly. Some feel nothing and others feel wonderful waves of energy in their body. Rest assured, whatever you feel is the sensation of Reiki doing it's job and your body using the energy in the way it needs to. 

We are working with eliminating toxins from the body, because of that, occasionally people who have a lot of byosen when they receive treatment can feel very tired or slightly worse that evening. It's a good sign the Reiki is working and won't last long. The reason this happens is simple. Hayashi sensei explained it using an analogy...


Imagine a stream - when you look at the surface, the water looks clear, yet when you stir the water, mud from the bottom rises to the surface. If you remove the surface mud, the stream becomes clear again, yet some mud will have sunk again and, some may still be stuck hard on the bottom. When you stir up the water again, more mud rises to the surface. If you repeat this process many times, eventually, you will have a completely clear stream.

Giving Reiki is like stirring up someone’s water – the toxins rise to the surface and many are cleared, yet some will settle again or were embedded more deeply in the body and have not yet surfaced. Each treatment a person receives brings more toxins to the surface to be cleared – until there are very few toxins left. So feeling tired or 'off' after a treatment is nothing to worry about, it is simply that the core of the sickness, pain or issue is being brought to the surface so that it can be dealt with effectively by the body’s natural cleansing system.

However, many people feel better immediately. If you have a treatment and feel great afterwards – it doesn’t mean you missed something! Reiki will work with your body in whichever way is most advantageous to you at the time. Trust that the intelligence of your incredible body and this incredible energy are working together for your greatest benefit.

What should I expect to feel during and after Reiki treatments?

The Muddy Stream...

Where can I get a Jikiden Reiki Treatment?

Look for a Jikiden Reiki practitioner in your area. The number of practitioners and teachers is growing worldwide. 

I give treatments from Hythe, Kent and Canterbury, Kent in the UK. You can contact me to book an appointment. Most treatments last 80-90 minutes.

If you are not in the area, you can book 'enkaku' or a distant treatment. You can read more about them below.


What is 'enkaku' or distant Reiki?

Sending Reiki to people who are not physically with you can sound a little far fetched to many people. I was skeptical when I started Reiki back in 2002. However, as I've used it over the years, I've come to see how effective it is and to understand that there is so much we don't yet understand. One day, physics will explain how it works, until then, try it and see! The spoken testimonial I have on the Reiki and Autism page is about a series of Reiki treatments done entirely at a distance. 

Distant Reiki is invaluable. You can receive treatments even if you're not able to make the journey somewhere to be treated. For practitioners, it is incredible to be able to treat friends and family who are sick, even when they live far away. I often do this and it feels wonderful to be able to help them out when I can't be there in person. 

If you would like to receive a distant Jikiden Reiki treatment, contact me to arrange an appointment. 

If you have arranged distant Reiki therapy sessions and need to pay click here
If you would like to arrange therapy sessions with me contact me here
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Reiki has been so helpful for my husband, who recently had a TIA (minor stroke).  The ambulance took two hours to arrive, but I gave him Reiki while we waited. 

He is perfectly well now and does not have any damage. I'm sure the Reiki helped enormously I'm so grateful to you for teaching me.



Jikiden Reiki Psychological Treatments

Psychological or emotional treatment for issues and habits is known as Sei Heki and pronounced, 'say hecky' in English. 

Sei Heki is useful to assist movement or solution with a wide range of minor issues and more serious or long term concerns. No two people or situations are the same and so, as with physical issues, it would be impossible to say exactly how many treatments someone is going to need. However, the more serious and long term the problem, the longer the treatment period is going to be. It's logical.

I usually begin by suggesting we do three treatments, then see what's happening and whether more treatment is needed. 

Sei Heki can be used to help with a range of smaller habits to deeper psychological challenges. Some examples of things I have used it for include:

  • stubbornness

  • excessive anger

  • eating habits

  • anxiety

  • messiness

  • procrastination

  • smoking

  • violent tendencies

  • recurring nightmares

  • depression

  • trauma

  • panic attacks

As you can see, some of these issues are deeper and have more impact on life than others. The energy will help the conscious and unconscious mind to make changes and movements that assist in letting go at a rate that works for each individual. 

Treatment can resolve something very quickly in a way you may barely notice. Alternatively, it can bring something up for you before it can be released. Please remember, your unconscious doesn't let more than you can cope with come up at any one time. It's important to trust your body and your spirit. My experience is that whatever comes into awareness does so gently, with ease and grace so that you can move into a space of peace with it reasonably easily. 

Reiki is peeling back 'layers', like peeling an onion, so when you move through something and see your thoughts and behaviour changing, it doesn't always mean you will never have the issue ever again. Sometimes a different aspect of the issue comes up later on to be looked at - the next layer. 

Whether you are treating yourself with Sei Heki or receiving treatments, you can be sure that it is working in harmony with your unique body, mind and energetic system. Don't force things or rush, be patient and allow things to be released at the perfect time for you. 

What can Sei Heki treatment help?


I recently received this mail from a student:

"I have been giving Sei heki to a friend for the past month and we are both astonished at the way in which her life has suddenly turned round in the past few days. Things that have been causing her serious mental health problems have all resolved themselves. She has been working very hard on this herself with a counsellor too but the Sei heki seems to have been a tipping point. She has changed her attitude and miraculously all the people around her who she felt were blocking her have all become amazingly helpful. There have also been some extraordinary changes in her situation which were completely unforseen but have taken a great weight off her shoulders. Am constantly astonished by the power of this stuff!"

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