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"You just put your hands on - and people feel better."

Chiyoko Yamaguchi


Benefits of Jikiden Reiki

A short documentary about the benefits of using Jikiden Reiki

Gisela Stewart and Emily Mac have collaborated to make this wonderful documentary following some people who use Jikiden Reiki in their daily lives. Three generations of one family talk about how it has helped them with injuries and illness. 

Take a look at the video below.

The benefits of learning Reiki

The benefits of learning Jikiden Reiki are many. Some of the most common reasons people learn are:

Amanda Jayne's Japanese stamp

Reiki is for life - not just a 3 day course

Taking the Jikiden Reiki Training is just the beginning. Once you've learned Shoden, Okuden or both levels, it's time to practice. Use it, try giving as many people Reiki as you can so you can begin to understand and feel Byosen much better. Make it part of your everyday life, treat yourself as well. It's the most natural thing in the world - literally.

Reiki is not a miracle treatment, although I have seen amazing things happen with Reiki. It is something to be used regularly in the course of your life. It will enhance your natural healing process considerably, cause the toxins at the heart of any illness to be eliminated from your body, relax and revitalise you - and, the more you give and receive it, the more your body soaks it in and the more benefit you get from it. In other words - one treatment isn't enough, it's far more beneficial to give and receive regular treatments.

Usui's purpose in designing this method was to help everyone peel back the layers of 'stuff', physical and psychological, to clear the way and unearth our true selves. Whilst we are perfect as we are, our original state is one of complete alignment with life and nature - in mind, body and spirit.

"Ask questions from your heart and you will be
answered from the heart."

Omaha Proverb

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