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"The wonderfully researched and eloquently written Women in Reiki celebrates the love, the lives and the efforts of women who gave Reiki the face it has today. The book tells the life-stories of countless women from both East and West who dedicated their lives to the practice and teaching of Reiki from the 1930s until today.


The innocence and simplicity of the Reiki teaching pulsates throughout the pages, plunging the reader into the river of female spirituality that is the basis of all life.


The authors playfully weave the fabric of past and present into a material so smooth and warm that it warms the heart, all the while the intellect is amply stimulated and the reader arrives at a deep understanding of the essence of Reiki and its cultural background steeped in Japanese history.


A great pleasure to read, Women in Reiki is a must in every Reiki practitioner’s library."     


 Frank Arjava Petter


New Reiki book by Amanda Jayne and Silke Kleemann

The book Women in Reiki - lifetimes dedicated to healing in 1930s Japan and today will be available to buy from July 27, 2021. 

Women in Reiki traces the lives of several Japanese women practising and teaching Reiki in Japan from the 1930s onwards and places their lives and actions in historical and cultural context. It looks at what Reiki is from the traditional cultural context and follows several teachers across the world today to learn how they are using Reiki and what are the most important aspects for them in their everyday lives.

You can learn more about the book and find out where to buy it at


"Yes! A delightful story with so much heart. A gorgeous book for all ages!" TS

A Rainbow in her Pocket book cover
A Rainbow in her Pocket (due for release soon)

This is the story of Mala the rhino who can’t help feeling blue after her friend moves away. Her friends, an owl, a sheep and a not-so-humble giraffe get together with sun and create a crazumptious plan to show Mala that blue is as beautiful as all the other colours. 


You can learn more about this book at:

Close Encounters of the Traveling Kind - stories of my near-death adventures around the world (coming soon)

This collection of near-death (and one almost-near-death) 

stories take you on adventures in Africa, South America, Nepal, Japan and Thailand. Close Encounters with an angry snake, the edge of an abyss, an unfriendly African tribe, a shady guide or two, an angry Dutch man, a nasty case of Typhoid and a severe case of mountain stupidity are told with the confidence of a traveler who has discovered that, 'no matter what happens, everything works out in the end.'

You can learn more about it here

Close Encounters of the Traveling Kind book cover
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