"Yes! A delightful story with so much heart. A gorgeous book for all ages!" TS

A Rainbow in her Pocket book cover
A Rainbow in her Pocket 

This is the story of Mala the rhino who can’t help feeling blue after her friend moves away. Her friends, an owl, a sheep and a not-so-humble giraffe get together with sun and create a crazumptious plan to show Mala that blue is as beautiful as all the other colours. 


You can learn more about this book at: https://www.amandacjayne.com/books-for-children

Close Encounters of the Traveling Kind - stories of my near-death adventures around the world.

This collection of near-death (and one almost-near-death) 

stories take you on adventures in Africa, South America, Nepal, Japan and Thailand. Close Encounters with an angry snake, the edge of an abyss, an unfriendly African tribe, a shady guide or two, an angry Dutch man, a nasty case of Typhoid and a severe case of mountain stupidity are told with the confidence of a traveler who has discovered that, 'no matter what happens, everything works out in the end.'

You can learn more about it here https://www.amandacjayne.com/books-for-adults

Close Encounters of the Traveling Kind book cover