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Reiki and Illness

Immediately after the very first treatment I felt remarkably relaxed.  

The following morning I found that the stiffness and pains in my neck and shoulders had measurably improved.  MS

Stress & Anxiety
Back & Neck

How does Reiki help sicknesses?

We all have the ability to heal naturally. Receiving Reiki when you are sick supports and enhances this process. In some cases, the body responds very quickly to clear whatever the issue is. If you have been suffering from a condition for a long time, however, do not expect one or two treatments to 'fix' things, you will need longer ongoing treatment. This is why Chiyoko Yamaguchi encouraged the person experiencing the illness, and/or a family member to learn. In this way, they can easily and cost-effectively receive Reiki on a regular, preferably daily, basis. For serious conditions, this is the best and most effective way to help. 


Reiki is going to help your body eliminate the toxins at the heart of your condition and help your body's systems to 'wake up' and come back to a balanced and better-functioning state. 

I am not advocating that you throw away all medicines. However, using Reiki for yourself and your family can significantly reduce the amount of medication you need to take.

Stress, Anxiety & Reiki

Reiki is very effective for people suffering from stress and anxiety. The treatments have a calming influence on the whole body system and, after several treatments, the mind begins to calm and slow down too. Once or twice weekly sessions for a few weeks tend to make a marked difference. I have treated many people in this way. However, if your anxiety has been longer term, it will take more sessions and I recommend that you or someone close learns Reiki so that you can receive it more regularly.

Back, Neck Issues and Reiki

Back and neck issues are one of the leading causes of absence from work. More importantly, it can make life miserable. Using Reiki to help slipped discs or other back/neck  pain can be extremely beneficial in promoting healing and reducing pain. Some people use Reiki alone, others use it in combination with other natural therapies such as acupuncture, physiotherapy or certain non-invasive chiropractics.

If you're someone who has regular back issues, it's a good idea for someone close to learn Reiki so that they can help you. To continue giving regular Reiki treatments on your back when you are well helps to prevent further recurrent issues.  

Japanese statue, Temple 66, Shikoku Pilgrimage
Three people jumping - fit and healthy from Reiki
Coughs, Colds, Flu
Chronic Conditions

Coughs, Colds & Flu and Reiki

When we are sick with minor symptoms from these things, even though they are a pain - literally, they are a sign our bodies are working. The symptoms (for example, sneezing, coughing and runny nose) are the body's way of ridding itself of the toxins. In the case of a temperature, it's ensuring no infection sets in. Reiki works in harmony with the body's natural healing system and will help it to eliminate the toxins more quickly and efficiently. In most cases, with colds and mild flus, they go through your system much more quickly.

Of course, as with anything, if you are seriously concerned, go and see your doctor, however, you can continue to use Reiki in addition to this.

Chronic conditions and Reiki

Chronic conditions will of course need a longer time and more treatments to markedly improve. However, even receiving a few treatments does produce some positive effects. During the training, I talk or answer questions about where to treat the body for certain conditions. For example, severe skin conditions respond best to treatment on the intestines, liver and kidneys to start with. 

Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her family treated many people with chronic conditions and saw some wonderful results. She would often treat them until they started to improve and then teach them and a family member to do Reiki so they could continue the treatments  regularly.    

Jikiden Reiki is gentle and gets right to the root of the matter. 

Amanda Jayne is the first person I turn to for compassionate, insightful and experienced assistance.


Turquoise sky, Bosnia
Shimenawa rope around a sacred tree - Japan
Emotional Issues

Infections and Reiki

Reiki empowers the body's natural ability to rid itself of infection. If you have an injury or something that could cause infection, it's best to give Reiki as soon as possible. If you already have an infection of some kind the best case scenario is to get as much Reiki as possible, as often as possible. 

Often, if it's a serious situation, we ask others in the Jikiden community to send Reiki to the affected person as well. Group Reiki was something Hayashi often did in his clinic in Tokyo with incredible results. 

Emotional issues and Reiki

Physical Reiki is great for people living with depression, addiction or anxiety. However, Usui created a different kind of treatment for emotional and psychological issues that is highly effective in helping people in my experience. Sei Heki was originally used in a different way than you see it used now in the West. It can be used to help with specific issues such as smoking, unwanted addictions and habits, depression, panic attacks, fears, phobias and other psychological matters you feel stuck in.    

Julie from Kent, UK was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She learned the Shoden level of Jikiden Reiki so she could treat herself and hopefully improve her condition. 

She treated herself daily for 2 months, 90 minutes per treatment with incredible results. Listen to her speak briefly below about her experience.

Click to listen to Julie talk about using Jikiden Reiki with CFS

Chronic Fatigue testimonial - Julie
Tori gates at Fushimi Inari, Japan
Walking the trails of Shikoku, Japan
Roadside jizo, Shikoku, Japan
Sunset in Shikoku, Japan
End of Life

Cancer and Reiki

Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her family treated many people experiencing cancer. Some people chose to use only Reiki, some Reiki and other holistic approaches while others opted for Reiki and conventional medical methods such as chemotherapy and radiation.


Reiki supports the body when it is going through such invasive medical intervention and can not only lessen the severity of the side effects, but also help the body recover and come back to a place of better health afterwards. 

I would never claim that Reiki cures cancer, but it is, I think, a vital part of assisting the body to return to full health. 

The end of life and Reiki

When someone is facing the end stage of life, Reiki is indispensable in my opinion. It helps to calm and support the person approaching their transition, and can help reduce any pain as well. I have used it on several people in this position and it is humbling to see the effect it has and a privilege to sit with them and give Reiki. 

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