Reiju kai and shares for students

Thank you for this life-changing three days



The training days are just the beginning! It's all about practice...

In Japan when Usui and Hayashi were teaching Reiki, students received ongoing support and training. In Jikiden Reiki teachers emulate this as much as possible.


For this reason, we offer Reiju-kai which are meetings in which Jikiden Reiki students can receive more Reiju and revise a part of the training. There are also shares so that students can come and practice treatments together, get greater experience of byosen and treating others in a group setting. It is also important to receive Reiki.

Reiju-kai and Reiki shares - UK

2pm - 3.30pm - Reiju and teaching £15

3.30pm - 6pm - Reiki share - FREE

Saturday February 9th - Hythe, Kent

Saturday March 16th - Margate, Kent

Saturday April 6th - Hythe, Kent

Saturday May 18 - Shoden Repeaters Day - Hythe, Kent

Sunday May 19 - Okuden Repeaters Day - Hythe, Kent

Friday May 24 - Trevone Bay, Cornwall (10am-2pm)

Saturday June 15th - Hythe, Kent

Wednesday July 31st - Hythe, Kent (6pm-10pm)

Saturday Aug 31st - Hythe, Kent

Saturday Sept 7th - Hythe, Kent

Please contact Amanda here and book your place if you would like to join us.

Reiju will be given by Daishihan Amanda Jayne and (most of the meetings) also by Shihan Kaku Helen Price.