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Interview - Finding Authenticity in Jikiden Reiki

Updated: May 25

I was interviewed by the lovely Luka Dragovic about Jikiden Reiki, why I chose it, what I like about Japanese Reiki and a little about writing Women in Reiki with Silke Kleemann.

You can click on the picture to read the article or click to continue reading below...

"Amanda Jayne’s journey into Jikiden Reiki began with a quest to find the right teacher, an essential aspect of learning any discipline. After years of searching globally, her travels led her to Japan, where she met Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a pivotal figure in Jikiden Reiki.

This encounter profoundly influenced Amanda’s practice, highlighting the unique cultural and philosophical foundations of Jikiden Reiki that differ from Western forms. Through her dedication to preserving these traditional practices, Amanda underscores the importance of authenticity and cultural context in holistic healing.

In her interview with Mystic Mag, Amanda shares how these experiences shaped her path and the deeper understanding she gained from studying Reiki in its original Japanese context.... read the article here

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