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7 Tips for Treating Injuries with Reiki

1. Give the injured area Reiki immediately or as soon as possible after the injury occurs - this makes a huge difference to the healing time and quality of healing 2. If the injury is serious enough to need hospital treatment, give Reiki on the way to the hospital and while waiting to see the doctor, it does make a difference! 3. Treat the injured area daily if possible. Any treatment you can give helps, but if you really want to see the wonderful results the Yamaguchi family have experienced all their lives then daily treatment or at least five days a week is important to begin with 4. 10 or 20 minute treatments for a serious injury are not enough! You cannot give too much Reiki so the longer you can treat the injury the better. Give as long as you have but preferably at least an hour for each treatment at first 5. Giving Reiki directly to the injured area can be painful to the recipient. This simply means it is working! If the person can bear it, continue to treat on the area, but if it is too uncomfortable for them move your hands to the areas either side of the injury and gradually work your way in over time (it may take several treatments for the pain to ease) 6. The most important thing is that the injury gets treated, so if the recipient doesn’t want to lie down and enjoy a session on a treatment bed it’s fine to treat the site of the injury while they are watching TV or reading or book or doing something else that allows you to sit with them and give Reiki for as long as possible 7. If it’s a long-term injury, it’s a good idea for the injured person to learn Reiki too so that they can treat themselves throughout the day

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