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Is Reiki strong enough now?

I have been approached by numerous people over the past few years who tell me that Reiki is not strong enough now because 'the energies are changing'.

There is a misunderstanding here about what Reiki is. The truth is very simple. Reiki is the energy that runs through every living thing, so if 'the energies are changing' then so is Reiki. There is absolutely nothing we have to do to try to 'get' any new kind of energy or make Reiki stronger.

So, keep giving Reiki to yourself and others, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing you can do to make it stronger or weaker, your job is to allow it to flow as freely as you can by getting out of the way.

Giving Reiki will help you find the spaces, a greater capacity for stillness. And finding that stillness will help you to give Reiki.

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