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Trying too hard?

The results of Jikiden Reiki treatments are not dependent on how hard you try, they have nothing to do with consciously clearing chakras, cleansing energy or changing beliefs. They follow the understanding that at a deep level, all is well and that our bodies are the most incredible systems designed to heal themselves.

All too often in today’s world, we lack the patience to allow the body and energy system time to achieve what comes naturally and instead blast it with everything we can think of. Jikiden treatments work with the body, enhancing the natural healing process, but practitioners never ‘try’ to clear, clean or change anything. Why not? Because the body will use the energy to do that naturally, in whatever timing is perfect for that particular person. We are working with an unfathomably complex system, connected to layers and lifetimes of stuff (energy) that we have no way of comprehending. To clear something forcibly, before mind, body, soul and all the layers beyond are lined up could be pointless at best and at worst, detrimental.

There is a difference then between the way we treat dis-ease in the body and treating someone who has injured themselves. With disease we look for byosen and treat those areas with the highest levels. With injury however, we go directly to the site of the injury/injuries and treat there. They both enhance healing at an incredible rate, yet because there are many factors involved in disease, the length of time it takes to see big changes varies for each person. With injury, the results tend to be clearer and faster for everyone.

Whatever issue you are working with, be aware that a series of treatments is far more beneficial than only one. The testimonial from Julie, who was suffering from Chronic Fatigue is an example of this. She treated herself for 90 minutes daily for two months to see incredible results.

For those of you using Reiki to treat yourself or loved ones, the key is to stop trying. Instead, sit back and allow the Reiki to flow - your job is let go of the result, to let go instead of trying and allow nature to do what it does best.

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