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What do Prostate Cancer, CFS and Autism have in common?

One of the keys to witnessing great improvement when giving Reiki to help serious conditions is regularity of treatment.

Anyone who has taken the Jikiden Reiki Training will have heard their teacher stressing that severe conditions require much more treatment than minor symptoms. This doesn’t mean once or twice a week (though that is still helpful) it means at least five times a week - ideally daily Reiki treatments.

For this reason, Chiyoko Yamaguchi recommended a close friend or family member, or the person themselves learn Reiki so that the person experiencing sickness can easily receive Reiki every day.

Man receiving Reiki treatment

Whenever I suggest this, the first reaction tends to be disbelief that a family member could ever give Reiki that's as ‘good’ as an experienced practitioner. However, this is a myth. Everyone can do Reiki and every one of us has the same capacity to have Reiki running through us - it is the using of it that helps the flow most. If you’re feeling skeptical, take a look at three short examples below of students of mine using Reiki with family, friends and themselves. None of them gave Reiki professionally at the time. All of them followed the recommendations Chiyoko Yamaguchi gave on treating serious conditions.

Example 1 - Prostate Cancer (treating family)

This lady treated her husband with Reiki every day for at least an hour…I received the following message only a couple of days ago.

“My husband and I went to see the urologist this morning and guess what..... the latest blood test shows that his PSA level has dropped from 7.2 in May to 3.6 which means he no longer has any problem with his prostate. A PSA of 5 would be acceptable for a man of his age. The consultant was slightly mystified as to how this could have happened but couldn't argue with the science!! My husband has been discharged from out patients with a recommendation that he should have a six monthly blood test by his GP to check that the PSA level doesn't go up again. Another fantastic result for Reiki! I've treated him for an hour everyday - either hands on or distant since the cancer diagnosis in May. Thank you so much for teaching me Reiki!.”

Example 2 - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (self-treatment)

woman recovered from CFS, walking in nature

This lady took the Shoden (first) level only as she had had chronic fatigue for some time and wanted to help herself with Reiki. I recommended at the training that she give herself 90 minute treatments every day.

Two months later, she turned up to learn the Okuden (second) level. She looked and felt like a different person! She was full of life and told me she had been treating herself daily since the Shoden level and was now swimming a couple of times a week, walking and feeling so much better.

It was the daily treatments that made the difference in her so significant. You can hear her speak about her experience on this page.

Example 3 - Autism (treating a friend)

Many of you will have heard me talk about a student who treated her friend’s son with Reiki because he was having severe violent outbursts and was unwittingly hurting his family during them. The situation was so severe that doctors wanted to give him medication known to have extremely harsh side effects. She treated him daily for three months, often for a couple of hours at a time. After three months, he no longer experienced the outbursts and was able to manage his moods for himself. You can hear his mother talking on my student’s website here( (scroll to the bottom of the page).

These are all conditions that are known as difficult to manage. Of course what they have in common is that given daily treatments, consistently and for long enough each time, Reiki has the capacity to make huge differences them all. I could have used other conditions in the title of this blog, these just happen to be three I chose as examples.


Yes, it is a commitment, and many people give up too soon, but if you can take the time needed, the results speak for themselves. In a time when there are increasing concerns about medication and the cost and quality of healthcare, it is vital to have options to help ourselves at home, alongside whatever healthcare we have chosen to use. 

If you would like to learn Jikiden Reiki to help yourself, a friend or family member, check out the training pages on my website, or look online for a Jikiden Reiki teacher in your area.

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